24 - 26 Feb 2021

Call 32: ONLINE Winter school ‘Data for monitoring poverty and vulnerabilities in Europe'

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General information

Building a fairer Europe and strengthening the EU’s social dimension has become a key priority for the Von der Leyen Commission, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Monitoring the evolution of the social situation by tracking trends, performances and analysing data on poverty, vulnerability and living conditions is crucial to achieve social goals.

Against this background, the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) organised the Winter School on Data for Monitoring Poverty and Vulnerabilities in Europe in the framework of the InGRID-2 project.

The School provided an overview on: i) data availability at EU level for monitoring poverty, vulnerability and living standards, ii) how such data are being and can be used for research and policy, and iii) the main findings from ongoing research. It gave the opportunity to the participants to delve on data on different aspects of poverty and present their own research during an online presentation session.

CEPs hosted this Winter School in collaboration with leading experts in the field as well as policy makers. They guided participants across the different topics through keynote speeches, lectures, hands-on workshops on specific case studies and data visualization.

This Winter School was the first out of two organised by CEPS under the Poverty and Living Conditions Pillar of InGRID-2. It targeted advanced graduate students, early-stage researchers, PhD students and policymakers.

Participants were expected to have a strong background in quantitative research methods and statistical analysis. Selected participants were expected to share knowledge, participate actively in debates, present their research and give feedback to other participants.

Date and location

Start: Wednesday 24 February 2021, 9:30
End: Friday 26 February 2021, 14:00
Location: Online (Microsoft Teams)

Short event report

The Winter School on the “Data for Monitoring Poverty and Vulnerabilities in Europe” was hosted by the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) over 24 - 26 February 2021. It gathered 19 early stage researchers, young practitioners and policy-makers to discuss and present their work on challenges linked to poverty and vulnerabilities in the labour market. Participants had very diverse academic, professional and geographical backgrounds, coming from Albania, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Suriname and Turkey. They discussed issues related to data for Monitoring Poverty and Vulnerabilities in Europe through lectures and hands-on exercises with experts from CEPS, University of Amsterdam and University of Oxford.


Day 1 - Wednesday 24 February 2021


Technical test - Microsoft Teams (for everyone)


Tour de table


Keynote speech
Evidence-based policy making: what are EU social indicators and why are they useful?
Kristoffer Lundberg (chair of the Indicators' sub-group of the Social Protection Committee)


Coffee break


Data on vulnerable groups in the labour market
Jana Besamusca (University of Amsterdam)




Data visualisation applied to data on poverty using Tableau
Sara Baiocco & Mattia Di Salvo (CEPS)


Coffee break


Social event - Pub Quizz

Day 2 - Thursday 25 February 2021


Measurement of poverty in Europe
Tim Goedemé (University of Oxford)


Data to study poverty from EU-SILC
Tim Goedeme (University of Oxford)




Presentations sessions 1 (two groups)


Coffee break


Presentations sessions 2 (two groups)


Coffee break


Common wrap up session

Day 3 - Friday 26 February 2021


Public webinar
Poverty monitoring in the COVID-19 era
Moderator: Cinzia Alcidi (director of research, CEPS)
Panellists: Mathias Maucher (policy officer, The European Anti-Poverty Network - EAPN), Balint Menyhert (Joint Research Centre, European Commission), Monica Pratesi (professor of statistics, University of Pisa), Rudi Van Dam (coordinator social indicators, Federal Public Service Social Security, Belgium)


Goodbye session and feedback

Online event